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The Art Creativity of Chinese Calligrapher from Taiwan

Yao-Zong Chou has received over 20 awards of calligraphy art

September 15, 2016, 1:31 pm

With texts and emails, the movement of pen against paper may now be a lost art. But for 35 years young man –  Yao-Zong Chou, who is born after the year of 1980, uses every picture of black and white artwork to convey a unique Chinese art culture.


Yao-Zong Chou has received over 20 awards of calligraphy art. (Photo from dancink.com)

With simple, neat, short hair, holding a bamboo writing brush on his right hand, using ink to write calligraphic works, the calligrapher.  He dips the tip of her pen in the ink and starts to write in the ancient style that has recently become so popular.


Traditional , china’s stationery includes four maid treasures: the writing brush , ink stick , paper and ink stone (Photo from dancink.com)

For the Chinese, calligraphy is an art almost as revered as poetry. In chines culture, calligraphy is as valued as drawing is in the west.  Like most people, he goes to work on weekdays, but during his spare time, he is interested in calligraphy practicing. From 2009 to 2013, he received over 20 art awards, and had been invited to display his works in public. In 2011, our country’s 100-year anniversary, he was invited by the Ministry of Education to display his art works in the “Painted Lantern Exhibition”  held at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. At the end of the exhibition, his calligraphy works have been kept as permanent collections.

Calligraphy, or the art of writing, was the visual art form prized above all others in traditional China. The genres of painting and calligraphy emerged simultaneously, sharing identical tools—namely, brush and ink. Yet calligraphy was revered as a fine art long before painting and that what Yao-Zong Chou think, because during the process of his learning calligraphy, he needs to choose writing sentences, so he often needs to read poetry, which helps him gain a lot of knowledge in traditional Chinese literature. In addition, he often requires writing reports at work. Good literature knowledge will be able to help him use more flexible and fluent wordings.

The elevated status of calligraphy reflects the importance of the word in China. This was a culture devoted to the power of the word. From the beginning, emperors asserted their authority for posterity as well as for the present by engraving their own pronouncements on mountain sides and on stone steles erected at outdoor sites . When writing calligraphy, he needs to handle flexibly with the bamboo brush made of animal’s hair, because of the softness of hair, he needs to keep claim from tireless practice. The ancient Chinese celebrities have this kind of remarkable skills, which is able to express their wisdom with calligraphy and Chinese ink and wash painting.


Skateboarding is one of John’s favorite sport (Photo from dancink.com)

In the past two years, he gradually shifted the focus from the individual creation to prepare an exhibition, which stimulates his own independent creative ability. In September this year, he will hold a personal calligraphy exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. During the exhibition, the works will also be open online, letting the people around the world to see the art of Chinese nation. His solo exhibition will be opening next week in Taiwan Taipei, during the exhibition, the works will also be open online, letting the people around the world to see the art of Chinese nation.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1569473646690983/

Official webstie: http://dancink.com



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